Wacom One

活动绘图区:8.8 x 14 英寸| 显示:13.3 英寸 | 分辨率:1920 x 1080 | 笔压感:4096级| 连接:HDMI、USB-A

⊕ 价格适中

⊕ 直观易学

⊕ 方便的触控笔

⊕ 含竹纸下载

⊖ 缺乏多点触控功能

如果您正在寻找预算模型,Wacom One 可能是最好的动画绘图板。 如果您拥有一台 Windows 或 Mac 电脑并且资金有限,那么这个选项绝对值得您关注。

所提供的手写笔虽然是基本的,但仍然功能齐全,不需要电池。 它具有 4096 级压力敏感度,而平板电脑本身具有纸一样的感觉,使动画过程感觉自然而直观。 Wacom One 可识别高达 60o 的倾斜角度,这让您在使用 Photoshop 中的画笔等工具时可以进行更多控制。

⊕ Adequate price

⊕ Intuitive and easy to learn

⊕ Convenient stylus

⊕ Bamboo Paper download included

⊖ Lacks multi-touch functionality

Active drawing area: 8.8 x 14 inches| Display: 13.3 inches | Resolution: 1920 x 1080 | Pen pressure sensitivity: 4096 levels | Connections: HDMI, USB-A

The Wacom One is probably the best drawing tablet for animation if you’re looking for a budget model. If you own a Windows or Mac computer and are limited in funds, this option definitely deserves your attention.

The provided stylus, while basic, is still fully functional and doesn’t need a battery. It has 4096 pressure sensitivity levels while the tablet itself has a paper-like feel, making the animating process feel natural and intuitive. The Wacom One recognizes tilt angles up to 60o, which gives you a lot more control when using tools like brushes in Photoshop.

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