Hotspot Shield

A strong VPN service that has been overtaken by others

Works on: Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, Linux | Streaming sites unblocked: iPlayer, YouTube, Amazon, Hulu | 24/7 support: Yes | Trial period: 45 days | Number of servers: 1,800+ | Server locations: 110+ | Countries: 80+ | Maximum devices supported: 5

已被他人超越的强大 VPN 服务

适用于:Windows、Mac、Android、iOS、Linux | 流媒体网站畅通无阻:iPlayer、YouTube、亚马逊、Hulu | 24/7 支持:是 | 试用期:45 天 | 服务器数量:1,800+ | 服务器位置:110+ | 国家:80+ | 支持的最大设备数:5


Hotspot Shield's premium VPN gives you full access to 1,800+ servers in more than 80 countries, support for connecting up to five devices, 24/7 customer support and, of course, absolutely no ads at all. It's yet more evidence that taking the plunge and paying just a few dollars a month gets you a far superior VPN experience - especially when you read more below about its exclusive pricing just for TechRadar readers.

Performance has been a major selling point for a few years now, with Hotspot Shield's proprietary Catapult Hydra protocol helping to deliver some of the fastest and most consistent download speeds around. That said, it has rather 'stood still' in this regard of late, and services with WireGuard or that have their own proprietary protocols (like ExpressVPN's Lightway or Nord's NordLynx) have now overtaken Hotspot when it comes to outright speed.

As well as being able to run the service on devices where you can use its native Windows, Mac, Android or iOS apps, Hotspot has added functionality to support use on routers, Linux and TV streamers, too. A SmartVPN feature - that let's you select websites on which the VPN will be bypassed - is another welcome addition, especially if you only really wanted to keep your VPN on when shopping, banking, streaming, etc.

If you really just want a VPN to help you stream more varied content, Hotspot unblocks most of the major streaming services. Unfortunately, the recent Netflix strategy to freeze out IP proxies is working pretty effectively and Hotspot Shield is currently useless as a VPN for Netflix. 

To springboard back up to the top of this chart, we'd like to see Hotspot uses bring in some independent auditors to verify its logging practices. Especially as the provider does admit to logging VPN sessions, bandwidth, domains accessed and IP addresses. All of these are reasoned out on Hotspot's website, but we'd welcome an auditor's view on things. There's also room for improvement on its iOS app, which just doesn't quite match the high quality desktop or Android experience.

But subscribe for more than just a month at a time, and Hotspot Shield becomes one of the best priced premium VPNs on the market. And if you try it and still aren't impressed, then there's a generous 45-day money back guarantee that will let you get your money back without issue.

Hotspot Shield 的高级 VPN 可让您完全访问 80 多个国家/地区的 1,800 多台服务器,支持最多连接五台设备,24/7 客户支持,当然,绝对没有广告。还有更多的证据表明,每月只需支付几美元就可以让您获得卓越的 VPN 体验——尤其是当您在下面阅读更多有关其专为 TechRadar 读者提供的独家定价的信息时。

几年来,性能一直是主要卖点,Hotspot Shield 专有的 Catapult Hydra 协议有助于提供一些最快和最一致的下载速度。也就是说,它最近在这方面“停滞不前”,并且使用 WireGuard 或拥有自己专有协议的服务(如 ExpressVPN 的 Lightway 或 Nord 的 NordLynx)现在在绝对速度方面已经超过了 Hotspot。

除了能够在可以使用其原生 Windows、Mac、Android 或 iOS 应用程序的设备上运行该服务之外,Hotspot 还增加了支持在路由器、Linux 和电视流媒体上使用的功能。 SmartVPN 功能 - 让您选择将绕过 VPN 的网站 - 是另一个受欢迎的附加功能,特别是如果您真的只想在购物、银行业务、流媒体等时保持 VPN 开启。

如果您真的只想要一个 VPN 来帮助您流式传输更多不同的内容,Hotspot 可以解除对大多数主要流媒体服务的阻止。不幸的是,Netflix 最近冻结 IP 代理的策略非常有效,Hotspot Shield 目前无法用作 Netflix 的 VPN。

为了回到这个图表的顶部,我们希望看到 Hotspot 的使用引入一些独立的审计员来验证其日志记录实践。特别是因为提供商确实承认记录 VPN 会话、带宽、访问的域和 IP 地址。所有这些都在 Hotspot 的网站上进行了推理,但我们欢迎审计员对事情的看法。它的 iOS 应用程序也有改进的空间,这与高质量的桌面或 Android 体验不太匹配。

但是一次订阅超过一个月,Hotspot Shield 就会成为市场上价格最优惠的优质 VPN 之一。如果您尝试过但仍然没有留下深刻印象,那么我们提供 45 天的慷慨退款保证,让您可以毫无问题地取回您的钱。

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