A free digital art creation and sharing site, Pixilart allows users to create retro pixel art, like the graphics of old video games. The site bills itself as a safe social platform for all ages, with drawings monitored before going public. Students can turn their artwork into posters, t-shirts, mugs, and other merchandise. 

作为一个免费的数字艺术创作和分享网站,Pixilart 允许用户创建复古像素艺术,就像旧视频游戏的图形一样。 该网站标榜自己是一个适合所有年龄段的安全社交平台,在公开之前对图纸进行监控。 学生可以将他们的作品变成海报、T 恤、杯子和其他商品。

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