A labor of love, KRITA is a free, open-source digital painting software download for Windows, Mac OSX, and Linux, with a focus on illustration, concept art, matte painting, textures, comics, and animations. This full-fledged, complex digital program provides complete documentation, while a vibrant user community supports sharing and collaboration. Great for advanced art students, educators, and professionals. 

KRITA 是一款免费、开源的数字绘画软件下载,适用于 Windows、Mac OSX 和 Linux,专注于插图、概念艺术、哑光绘画、纹理、漫画和动画。 这个成熟、复杂的数字程序提供了完整的文档,而充满活力的用户社区支持共享和协作。 非常适合高级艺术学生、教育工作者和专业人士。

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