Bomomo is a great way to waste time. Just click the link and see for yourself. It allows you to draw awesome shapes on a page without doing much work of your own. It's not a website to visit if you actually want to create your own work. It's more of a time waster where you get to look at the pretty colors. All you really have to do is click and drag. 是浪费时间的好方法。 只需单击链接并亲自查看。 它允许您在页面上绘制很棒的形状,而无需自己做太多工作。 如果您真的想创作自己的作品,它不是一个可以访问的网站。 在那里您可以看到漂亮的颜色,这更多是浪费时间。 您真正需要做的就是单击并拖动。

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