Doodletoo is a place to show off your art skills and compare them to other's artwork. It's basically a group drawing board where a bunch of people share one easel. Sometimes, you'll come across the most beautiful pictures you've ever seen. Other times, you'll just see ridiculous scribbles. It all depends on whom you're stuck in the lobby with. Just don't use this website to draw a masterpiece, because someone could easily ruin it, and you don't want to end up upset. 是一个展示您的艺术技能并将其与其他艺术作品进行比较的地方。 它基本上是一个小组绘图板,一群人共享一个画架。 有时,你会遇到你见过的最美丽的照片。 其他时候,你只会看到可笑的涂鸦。 这完全取决于你和谁被困在大厅里。 只是不要使用这个网站来绘制杰作,因为有人很容易毁掉它,而且你不想最终不高兴。

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