Draw A Stickman

Drawastickman.com is about as fun as it gets. You start off by drawing a tiny person. After that, the game asks you to draw certain things in the character's hands, like a key and a balloon. Then the game animates your character to take him on an adventure. There are only two different adventures to go on, but they're equally as exciting. It's bound to keep you occupied for a while.

Drawawstickman.com 非常有趣。 你从画一个小人物开始。 之后,游戏会要求您在角色的手中绘制某些东西,例如钥匙和气球。 然后游戏动画你的角色,带他去冒险。 只有两种不同的冒险可以继续,但它们同样令人兴奋。 它一定会让你忙一阵子。

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