10. ArtRage

ArtRage is a popular digital painting and drawing tool from Ambient Design Ltd for both desktop and mobile devices. Originally launched as a hobbyist tool, it’s become increasingly professional over the years. And that trend has continued with the release of ArtRage 5 for Windows and macOS.

The mobile app I tried in my iPad was flawless. It comes with a wide array of possible painting techniques that seem to be limitless for artists, from beginner to expert. Just like the other illustration software I mentioned above, ArtRage is fueled by an enhanced blend of interface, brushes, color palette, and artistic tools.

The interface is organized to maximize the space you have for painting, but it’s no bother to locate an option or menu when you need to. It’s also customizable and can be relocated to more convenient locations.

The best feature I’ve experienced from this app is it creates multiple views to paint different areas of your main image independently. This feature gives you the power to show your real talent and come up with great artwork.

If you are skilled in drawing and painting, you will find that ArtRage is easy and fun right from the outset. Or if you consider yourself a doodler, this app just might improve your drawing abilities and you’ll find yourself having hours of fun.

ArtRage 是 Ambient Design Ltd 为桌面和移动设备提供的流行数字绘画和绘图工具。最初作为爱好者工具推出,多年来它变得越来越专业。随着适用于 Windows 和 macOS 的 ArtRage 5 的发布,这种趋势还在继续。

我在 iPad 上试用的移动应用程序完美无瑕。它配备了各种可能的绘画技巧,对于从初学者到专家的艺术家来说似乎是无限的。就像我上面提到的其他插图软件一样,ArtRage 由界面、画笔、调色板和艺术工具的增强混合推动。



如果您擅长绘画和绘画,您会发现 ArtRage 从一开始就很容易和有趣。或者,如果您认为自己是一个涂鸦者,这个应用程序可能会提高您的绘画能力,并且您会发现自己享受了数小时的乐趣。

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