4. Adobe Illustrator

Another well-known software package in the Adobe Creative Suite is Illustrator. Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator have a lot in common but their differences are bigger than their similarities.

Photoshop is based on pixels while Illustrator works using vectors. Vectors are scalable images that can be sized as small or as large are you need them to be, but look the same when it comes to clarity and resolution.

Adobe Illustrator is the industry standard for professional graphic design software. It works off vectors, these are points used to create perfectly smooth lines. This program is for creating and editing vector-based work such as graphics, logos, and other design elements.

I personally recommend this if you are looking to create flat images, scalable logos, infographics, and other professional graphic designs. The large selection of the vector tools can be daunting at first, but once you know what all of the tools do, you’ll find that it offers the greatest creative freedom of any vector-based graphic design software.

I absolutely love the way Illustrator also responds to mobile/tablet (Adobe Draw). There are pen tools, vector brushes, the ability to create custom brushes, and plenty of text tools to help make your designs stand out.

There’s also pressure sensitivity in each stroke, which allows artists to control the way the lines look. There are also options to use guides, grids, and rulers to make sure everything lines up for symmetry and balance.

For me, if you are working as a graphic artist or a visual content creator, you can pretty much do everything in this software.

Adobe Creative Suite 中另一个著名的软件包是 Illustrator。 Adobe Photoshop 和 Illustrator 有很多共同点,但它们的差异大于相似之处。

Photoshop 基于像素,而 Illustrator 使用矢量。矢量是可缩放的图像,可以根据需要调整大小,但在清晰度和分辨率方面看起来相同。

Adobe Illustrator 是专业图形设计软件的行业标准。它适用于矢量,这些点用于创建完美平滑的线条。该程序用于创建和编辑基于矢量的作品,例如图形、徽标和其他设计元素。


我非常喜欢 Illustrator 对移动设备/平板电脑 (Adobe Draw) 的响应方式。有钢笔工具、矢量画笔、创建自定义画笔的功能以及大量文本工具,可帮助您的设计脱颖而出。



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