3. Adobe Photoshop CC

Adobe Photoshop is the most popular photo editing software around. It is the industry standard today and is used by professionals and hobbyists alike.

Although Photoshop best know for photo editing and enhancement, this software also has painting capabilities using either your laptop, desktop, or mobile devices (Adobe Sketch).

I’ll admit that when I first got started, I only used Adobe Photoshop for… EVERYTHING. It is the standard in the art and design world and has a full complement of tools and design features that will fulfill all of your illustrating needs.

However, Photoshop is not ideal when it comes to creating logos. It will do nothing but cost you time and money. Creating a logo in Photoshop cannot be enlarged or manipulated in the same manner that an Illustrator based logo can.

All in all, one of the most powerful aspects of Photoshop is its brush and color feature. The program has a number of colors to choose from. You can make use of primary colors or take it a step further with intricate secondary colors. Whenever you pick a color, a wide spectrum of dark and colored hues of that color will be presented.

Most importantly, because it’s part of the Adobe Creative Cloud suite, you can easily share your data and access all of your assets – including brushes, images, colors, and styles – across all of your devices. Sure it’s expensive, but it’s totally worth it!

Adobe Photoshop 是最流行的照片编辑软件。它是当今的行业标准,专业人士和业余爱好者都在使用它。

尽管 Photoshop 最擅长照片编辑和增强,但该软件还具有使用笔记本电脑、台式机或移动设备 (Adobe Sketch) 进行绘画的功能。

我承认,当我第一次开始时,我只使用 Adobe Photoshop 来处理……一切。它是艺术和设计领域的标准,拥有完整的工具和设计功能,可满足您的所有插图需求。

但是,在创建徽标方面,Photoshop 并不理想。它只会花费您的时间和金钱。在 Photoshop 中创建徽标不能像基于 Illustrator 的徽标那样放大或操作。

总而言之,Photoshop 最强大的方面之一是它的画笔和颜色功能。该程序有多种颜色可供选择。您可以使用原色或使用复杂的二次色更进一步。每当您选择一种颜色时,都会呈现该颜色的各种深色和彩色色调。

最重要的是,因为它是 Adobe Creative Cloud 套件的一部分,所以您可以轻松地在所有设备上共享您的数据并访问您的所有资产,包括画笔、图像、颜色和样式。当然,它很贵,但它完全值得!

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