Hathi Trust

Hathi Trust is a digital library dedicated to the student community. It has been formed by a partnership of major research institutions and libraries who have joined hands to ensure that all cultural records are preserved in a digitized format for the use of future generations.

Numerous academic research organizations in the U.S. and libraries around the world act as the source of digitized content hosted on this website. It has a powerful search option which lets you find free books online in is database through titles or authors.

Hathi Trust has a compilation of pre-curated collections of texts on topics such as Ancestry, Manuscripts, and Old Psychology Texts. One can read books online on this website without registration, but downloading them requires you to sign up.

Hathi Trust 是一个致力于学生社区的数字图书馆。 它由主要研究机构和图书馆组成,他们携手合作,确保所有文化记录都以数字化格式保存,以供后代使用。

美国的众多学术研究组织和世界各地的图书馆是本网站托管的数字化内容的来源。 它具有强大的搜索选项,可让您通过标题或作者在 is 数据库中在线查找免费书籍。

Hathi Trust 有一个关于诸如祖先、手稿和旧心理学文本等主题的预先策划的文本集合。 无需注册即可在此网站上在线阅读书籍,但下载它们需要您注册。

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